Teach Your Children Well

Teach your children well. This statement is something a parent hears many times. I sure did. When you are in the middle of raising children, building a family and managing a busy life it is hard to know if what you are focused on is really going to matter. Or if you are doing it well.

Children will bear fruit if you teach them well.

Children will bear fruit if you teach them well.

For years, we trained our children important life skills, to know and love God, and to rely on family.  We encourage them to learn God’s Word and to be encouraged by His faithfulness.  We were discouraged when we saw little or no fruit. But, we continued on and waited.

2014 FPEA Homeschool Graduation Ceremony

2014 FPEA Homeschool Graduation Ceremony in Central Florida at the beautiful Gaylord Palms Resort. Why was I honored to speak before the excited gathering of 6,500 attendees? It allowed me to pay tribute to parents and graduates who completed their homeschool journey and encourage moms to give back. Homeschooling your children is not an easy task. I know how much work goes into this job!

The graduation ceremony follows the FPEA Homeschool Convention every May. Their attendance ranges between 15,000-17,000 attendees. I know for many that is a staggering amount of people. Some liken it to the crowds at Walt Disney World. While they are worlds apart…there is one thing they have in common, the people are happy to be there.This conference is described by national homeschool leaders as the largest multi-day homeschool convention in the country. However, that is not why this is conference is so near and dear to my heart.

Casting The Vision For A New Year


A new year! One of my favorite things about beginning a new year, is the chance for a fresh start. A time to reflect on the past and begin casting a vision for a new year. This allows you to look forward to what the next year might bring.


Casting a vision for a new year. It includes your family.

New Year’s resolutions abound every January.  Do you make any?  I’ve been known to make, and break, a few!

Many resolutions focus on something we can do better, whether it’s losing weight, eating healthier, making more money, or having a better outlook on life.

Instead of focusing solely on what I can improve upon, our family would  focus on where we are as a family and where would we like to be in the future. With an emphasis on relationships within the family unit.

Looking Back

I remember rising early before the kids, to exercise, study God’s Word, and pray over my day. I enjoyed that morning cup of coffee—or two—while reviewing my lesson plans, knowing the quiet would not last long. This was the calm before the storm. For when those little feet hit the floor, we would charge full steam ahead into our day.


The Spanish moss is swaying gently from the trees as I write this afternoon. I’m sitting in my home, which was once so full of noise, busyness, and activity from homeschooling five children, and I see that what I did during those twenty-one years really mattered. You see, I’ve completed my homeschooling journey. So it is from this place that I share with you.

My house was once messy, with LEGOs, toys, books, and pencils scattered everywhere and laundry that was never “done” for more than an hour. Our days would begin early and end late. (How did we ever find the energy to maintain that pace?)

Now the floor needs vacuuming just once a week, the dishwasher runs maybe every three days, and the laundry baskets are mostly empty. I know, Mom, you can’t image that right now. How can you? You’re in the midst of raising your children.

Embracing Your Unique Homeschooling Journey


Embracing Your Unique Homeschooling Journey

I’m talking over at VibrantHomeschooling.com about Embracing Your Unique Homeschooling Journey. Having completed our journey I can confidently say your family is not designed to be a mirror of someone else’s family. Let them be all that God has for them. You will spare yourself much frustration by building your family according to their strengths. I invite you to read the full post <here>.